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“Are you a Spokesperson for the past?”

How many of you know a good spokesperson for the past?  Or maybe you yourself are one! Remembering every detail down to the exact emotion, and you remember it so well that you are capable of performing a total reenactment! … Continue reading

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“It’s ok to look back, just don’t STAY back!”

The old saying has always been, “Keep looking forward”, or “Don’t look back”.  If you think about all of the action movies you’ve ever seen they always tell the person, keep running, don’t look back. And it seems like when … Continue reading

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“Accept Your Truth!! There are riches buried in your junk!”

Did you know that there are riches buried in what you consider your pile of “junk”?  One of the main reasons we as humans are unable to be effective disciples for the Kingdom is because we are struggling with accepting … Continue reading

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