“Accept Your Truth!! There are riches buried in your junk!”

Did you know that there are riches buried in what you consider your pile of “junk”?  One of the main reasons we as humans are unable to be effective disciples for the Kingdom is because we are struggling with accepting the truth…our truth! We are brought out of our trials and tribulations by the grace and mercy of God for his glory, yet we are still mentally trapped in our mistakes and mishaps. So entangled in our sins that we are unable to be effective disciples.


The World teaches us to shun and be shameful of what we’ve been through. Granted we shouldn’t gloat on our faults, we in turn should not be ashamed of our journey. I guarantee you there is someone out in this World that is struggling with the same addiction, same guilt and the same sin as the one that you’ve so graciously been delivered from, and they’re in need of your help!


Here are a few steps to consider when making the decision to Accept Your Truth… and remember, tomorrow isn’t promised, don’t miss an opportunity to tell your story for his glory!

  1. Accept your truth. Accept whatever the sin was within yourself. Forgive yourself, as God has already forgiven you.
  2. Understand that in order to have a testimony you must have a test. Learn from your mistakes and make notes on how you are and will do better moving forward.
  3. Allow yourself time to heal. Seek out help if need be and take time away to allow your wounds to heal.
  4. Share your story. Allow yourself to be transparent, but remember, you can only do this AFTER you have allowed yourself to heal.
  5. Walk in your authority!! Don’t carry your story on your back as a burden, but tell your story with the hopes of it changing lives. Remember, the main objective is for us all to experience Kingdom living here on Earth. Help others to come to a place of self-forgiveness and through that they will receive their blessing.

I hope this blog helps someone today to accept their truth and live on purpose!! -BiancaLynnette

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“Love is…or is it?” (Self-Love is Real Love)

“I keep on failing, in and out, of love with you…” Ahhh that was such a strong song for us Women who could relate; but in a sense such an irony. The beautiful harmony of bitter-sweet love! But what really is being in love? Only you can answer that.

I was just sitting here thinking of why we debate and wrestle endless fights about this whole love thing, only to simply win the battle…not the war. Is it because we haven’t quite quenched our thirst enough to even know what love is or where it starts? We run out here with our hearts on our sleeves looking for someone to mend what only God can mend. Loving and giving unconditionally without filling ourselves with our own love first.

That was me; woe is me, love me, fill me, complete me…Ha! From lack I ended up allowing some of those that really loved me to pass me because I hadn’t discovered what self-love was to even know when I was experiencing real love. Premature bliss…


I agree with the philosophy of the iconic singer/actress Eartha Kitt, she said “Fall in love with yourself first, then you allow someone to share it with you.”

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“Ask and you shall receive!”

Don’t you just love when God speaks to you? The “ahh ha!” moment in your spirit! Well last night my son and I were in the store and every time I visit this store I look for a particular juice, they never seem to have it. So last night I decided to go to the front and ask the guy for the juice. He proceeded to the back of the store and said, “Sure we have that juice, one moment” In disbelief I said, “Sir, it’s not in the freezer, and it’s never in the freezer.” He continued to the back. After waiting a few seconds he peeked his head out of the back and said, “Not only do I have the juice, I have it in different flavors!” Wow lol I was almost tickled pink! I know he was confused or perhaps he just thought my day was totally made by him bringing out the juice (well I mean I was very happy lol) but I was tickled pink because in that moment it was like God was showing me something.

The spiritual revelation that I got was this; yes you pray to God overall and yes you trust him to take care of all of your needs, but have you specifically asked him for what you need? It clearly states in Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Just like my situation with the juice, not only did the guy have the juice my heart desired, he had it in all different flavors! God is our Father, he wants us to live in abundance! He wants us to have the best of the crop, but we have to ask! And not just ask once, we have to meditate on it and believe him for it! Now take a moment and ask yourself…Have you specifically asked God??

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Are you preparing your child for success?

It’s that time of the year again, BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!! All of my fellow parents I’m sure you’re able to relate to the joy this time of year brings! We’ve had a whole summer with our wonderful children, school shopping is done and we know for sure where our children will be for at least 7-8 hours of the day (unless you still have a wonderful half a day student). Needless to say your little one is all ready to go and you are ready to regain that peace of mind that seemed to have been caught up in the twirl of summer.

back to school

My question to you is, are you preparing your child for success? This is a question my husband and I had to ask ourselves this year. We literally had to sit down and ask ourselves how we can be better prepared for not only the school year, but for the success of our children this school year. So we tried a new method. This year we went on dates with each child and asked them key questions such as, “What were your likes and dislikes about school last year? What are some things or some tools that you feel would have made last year differently or better? What do you feel you need this year material wise to help you to function better? What are some things you need from us and or your siblings to help you at home to be more successful in school this year? Considering we have 4 school age children, the answers varied of course, but were very intriguing.

Here are some of their request; to have their own personal alarm clock, to have weekly family meetings to discuss progress and areas of improvement, to have educational books at home to work on in their spare time so that they will be ahead of the class and to have family reading once a week. Now these things may not be needs for your family so you of course would have to have one on one time with your little ones, but for our family it’s definitely starting us off on the right track.


We have to be mindful that our children are our future and what we invest in them will project to the whole world in the future. We have to be life changers and by doing so we have to start with them! -BiancaLynnette

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“When it all falls down…Beating Yourself Up vs. Building Yourself Up!”

I don’t know about you but I can honestly admit that I’m my worse critic.  I do a pretty good job at beating myself up but there came a time when I had to learn the difference between beating myself up and building myself up.  Yes, we should be aware of our faults and failures, but how we handle them and interpret them could make or break our mental state.

sad woman

See, the difference between the two is this; when you’re beating yourself up it leaves bruises, and the bruises then turn into wounds also known as “insecurities“. We start to look at ourselves as if we will never be good or we begin to dwell on the “temporary flaw” and label that as our overall failure.


Now with building yourself up you recognize where you went wrong, think about ways you can do it better the next time and then you go into the building stage by encouraging yourself to get back out there and try again. Building yourself up is all a part of character building. You’re helping to build a strong character so that you are able to mentally receive constructive criticism without taking it as an offense. On the other hand with beating yourself up, you’re not as receiving when your peers approach you with constructive criticism. Instead you mentally tell yourself that you knew you couldn’t do it from the start; you take what they said as confirmation of your failure versus fuel for your future.


So here are a few helpful tips to keep you building yourself up vs. beating yourself up:

  1. Recognize where you went wrong or your faults.
  2. Think of how you could have done it and write it down so that it’s visible.
  3. Write out a few ways in which you can do it better.
  4. Literally tell yourself that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to and remind yourself verbally that this is only building your character.
  5. Execute without holding onto past results. Don’t even consider the failure, execute as if it’s your first time!!

Now get tha building!! -BiancaLynnette

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“The Gift of Lyfe…”

Isn’t it so wonderful that we all have different finger prints and that no matter how many similarities we share, there’s always that one unique trait that stands out to separate us?
Well that’s because God was so graceful that he took his time to create each and every single one of us in his likeness but in our own unique way! Because we all have our unique traits in us he placed something else of uniqueness…our gifts!
There is something that you do well that I can’t do as well and there’s something I specialize in more than you; the beautiful thing is we ALL have something of uniqueness instilled in us…It’s simply up to us to activate it!
Think about that one thing you love to do and wouldn’t mind doing without getting paid for it. Most likely that’s where you excel, that’s either your gift or your transportation to it! Those of you that may be a little unsure of what you do well, there are skill tests, personality tests and strength finder tests that you can take to find out a little bit more about yourself!

Now go on and get your gift going! Someone is waiting on your blessing!!


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“Analytical Beauty…”


So I’m laying here watching Speak your soul and I start to feel like I’ve lost my ambition. Watching this video of Kem and I’m feeling like yes this is what I’m talking about lol then it’s like but that’s not the life I’m actually living. Have I become ok with where I am? Settled in my “It’s ok”? Sigh…why is it that I’m not living the fullest life and why is it that I feel my current situation has crippled the ambitious side of me? A small piece of my mind is ok with this, feeling like I have later in life to live. But who’s to say I have later in life? Who promised me that? I mean I’m very grateful because my life could be so much worse but am I living my fullest life? Am I chasing my every desire? Am I even living or am I simply existing? -BiancaLynnette


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I Got You, but Who Got Me?? #MomLyfe

Ok, so as many of you know I’m a Mother of 5 and if you don’t know now you know lol Well that takes a lot I will say first hand. In this world we live in today you want your children to know who they are as individuals, to have goals and to actually achieve them; but society makes that so very hard.  I sat over the weekend watching them play, each individual mind going and so much personality in each one of them and I’m like Lord God, how do I pour into them when I’m struggling to pour into myself?


This morning God spoke to me through message and that message was, “How can you give them something that you don’t have?” Ha! It’s like I get so caught up in doing, running and giving that I forget that I have to be replenished in order to give to them. Being replenished isn’t something that just happens from sitting still. I have to constantly be in touch with my personal needs as well as being aware of my wellness holistically.


I can’t possibly give my children what I don’t have stored up to give. So here are a few things that I will begin practicing to get my wellbeing intact for their sake!

1)  Morning meditation (prayer/saying my I Am’s and mentally setting my day of happiness)

2) Exercise

3) Keeping up with doctor’s visits and exams (Both medical and dental)

4) Making to do list and not to do list (And actually checking them off as I accomplish each one)

5) Reminding myself of my purpose and being purposeful in everything I do

*Remember, you have to be good in order for them to be good! And that’s the #MomLyfe #LyfechatBlog

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Who’s a Mom? I’m a Mom, You’re a Mom, We’re all Moms Hey! Tips for Busy Moms…


Being a Mom is almost equivalent to being a Superhero lol You have to have super powers in order to survive! I know for me personally being a mom of 5 I have to have a plan in order to keep my sanity!

Check out a few of these helpful tips for Busy Moms and get your MomLyfe!!

  • Wake up earlier.  Yea I know it’s hard when that bed and pillow are giving you so much love but to be honest getting up earlier gives you time to meditate and organize your day.
  • Food prep/Dinner prep for the week on Sunday.  Take time to plan family meals. To make it easier allow the kids to pitch in with recipes and prep ideas.
  • Study time management. Jot down your normal everyday schedule and weed out all of the time wasters. Make a list of everything priority and schedule it according to what works for your family week.
  • Prepare the night before. Lay out clothes for both the children and yourself. And the children that are up in age, get them in the habit of doing the same. (If you teach them, they will learn). Plus children are sponges. If they see you being consistent with this routine, they will follow.
  • The “App Lyfe”: Learn to love it! Learn to utilize it and learn to apply it to your everyday life. There’s an app for almost everything! Calendars, Food, Coupons, Appointment books, sticky notes, family events. Cut time by using apps instead of wasting time doing too much research.
  • Hold your children accountable. When you set chores/rules, hold them to it. A lot of the time I find myself setting chores and then doing them myself. I had a bad habit of wanting things done “my way”, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to set standards, I just had to learn how to take my hands off of everything.

Which leads me to the last but most important tip…

  • Ask for help! Ha! The hardest thing for an independent mother to do is ask for help. Know your limits and know your breaking points. Schedule play dates for your children so that you can get a peace of mind and adult time!  Get you some #MomLyfe!

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Live Out Loud!!


Today I had an epiphany, I live out loud and I’m absolutely ok with that. A lot of people judge and interpret that as “doing too much”, “always being on social media”, “Fake living through social media”, but what they don’t understand is I’m 100% unapologetic about who I am. I’m not the kind of spirit that can be boxed in so please, don’t try to box me in lol it’s only delaying the wonderful process of you getting to know me for the best woman that I am. My purpose in life is to live out loud so that you can see the change in my life, so that you will be encouraged to do so within your own and so that you can see God manifested in my life through my change that I display by Living Out Loud…-BiancaLynnette


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