“Are you a Spokesperson for the past?”

How many of you know a good spokesperson for the past?  Or maybe you yourself are one! Remembering every detail down to the exact emotion, and you remember it so well that you are capable of performing a total reenactment! Being a Spokesperson for the past can get you either in two place; and that’s hurt or stuck!  It’s nothing wrong with remembering things that have come and gone, just be sure not to visit those places mentally nor emotionally. Finding yourself “stuck” can be dangerous: remember in order to grow you have to move forward, so going back into that place only stunts growth.



About L.Y.F.E.chat "Love Yourself First Everyday!"

BiancaLynnette is a God fearing wife, mother of 5, Motivational Lyfe Coach & writer pushing and inspiring others to believe in themselves. L.Y.F.E. stands for Love Yourself First Everyday; this site was created to remind all of the beautiful people in the world of how important it Is to love YOU! As a busy mom of 5 I know how easy it is to get lost in the shuffle of life and how vital it is to encourage yourself! So I welcome you to join my everyday journey of LYFE! Where Loving yourself first is not just a statement, it's a LYFESTYLE!
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