“Are You Dealing With Your Unfinished Business Or Nah..”

“Closing those open chapters of your life may not be easy, but if you’re expecting a clear view for the future, it’s absolutely necessary!” -BiancaLynnette

"Love Yourself First Everyday...It's not just a statement, it's a Lyfestyle!"-BiancaLynnette

Have you ever found yourself on your phone or your iPad just going from app to app and forgetting to close them out?  I know I have! I always seem to forget to clear my opened apps so I end up getting frustrated when my device shows an interruption notice because its unable to function while all of those things are running. Well take a moment and imagine how dysfunctional your life can be if you have too many “opened chapters” simultaneously…


Closure is one thing we all claim to have conquered but it isn’t until we receive that interruption notice mentally, physically and or emotionally that we realize we have too many opened doors.  Just like your electronic device it is very detrimental to keep clutter in your life; whether it be unfinished relationships, cluttering friendships or passed over issues that you just never dealt with…It’s not healthy, period! Deal…

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About L.Y.F.E.chat "Love Yourself First Everyday!"

BiancaLynnette is a God fearing wife, mother of 5, Motivational Lyfe Coach & writer pushing and inspiring others to believe in themselves. L.Y.F.E. stands for Love Yourself First Everyday; this site was created to remind all of the beautiful people in the world of how important it Is to love YOU! As a busy mom of 5 I know how easy it is to get lost in the shuffle of life and how vital it is to encourage yourself! So I welcome you to join my everyday journey of LYFE! Where Loving yourself first is not just a statement, it's a LYFESTYLE!
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