Live Out Loud!!


Today I had an epiphany, I live out loud and I’m absolutely ok with that. A lot of people judge and interpret that as “doing too much”, “always being on social media”, “Fake living through social media”, but what they don’t understand is I’m 100% unapologetic about who I am. I’m not the kind of spirit that can be boxed in so please, don’t try to box me in lol it’s only delaying the wonderful process of you getting to know me for the best woman that I am. My purpose in life is to live out loud so that you can see the change in my life, so that you will be encouraged to do so within your own and so that you can see God manifested in my life through my change that I display by Living Out Loud…-BiancaLynnette


About "Love Yourself First Everyday!"

BiancaLynnette is a God fearing wife, mother of 5, Motivational Lyfe Coach & writer pushing and inspiring others to believe in themselves. L.Y.F.E. stands for Love Yourself First Everyday; this site was created to remind all of the beautiful people in the world of how important it Is to love YOU! As a busy mom of 5 I know how easy it is to get lost in the shuffle of life and how vital it is to encourage yourself! So I welcome you to join my everyday journey of LYFE! Where Loving yourself first is not just a statement, it's a LYFESTYLE!
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